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 Giving Back to the community

JSGA is committed to giving back to the community in many ways. Charity or d├ána is one of the most important pillars of Jainism. Jain doctrine prescribes four main types of charity work - Food, Shelter, Medicine and Knowledge. These are commonly termed as Chaturvidha Daan (Ahardaan-food, Abhayadaan-Shelter, Aushadhadaan-Medicine, Shaastradaan - Knowledge). By conducting food drive programs JSGA society has helped hundreds to families bring food to their tables. By conducting free medical camps JSGA has reaffirmed their commitment towards giving back to the community. We are blessed and thankful to have highly qualified doctors/medicine practitioners and other health professionals as members of our society who have dedicated their time and effort in conducting these camps from time to time.  



JSGA Thanks all the volunteers for their time and effort to help with this chapter. If you plan to participate in future events please send us email to

Drop off the food items you signed up for at the designated location by the specified time. Note Food must be freshly prepared in accordance with Jain principles and must label any allergens