JSGA Medical Camp

 JSGA from time to time conducts free medical checkout camps.

 Free medical camps are organized to provide health services and create an environment where the  community gets sensitized about health issues.  

These camps provide free tests for Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Blood test, Heart rate etc and offers counseling & treatment by trained Doctors and Specialists. Free medicines are provided to people in need. Iron and Folic Acid supplements are also distributed at the camp. Aging members who are also educated on health care,  medicare/medicaid programs provided by the government. Please be on the lookout for next medical camp to be announced soon.


JSGA Thanks all the volunteers for their time and effort to help with this chapter. If you plan to participate in future events please send us email to ec@jsgatemple.org

Drop off the food items you signed up for at the designated location by the specified time. Note Food must be freshly prepared in accordance with Jain principles and must label any allergens